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Buy, sell, share with your

What is is where people connect with fellow enthusiasts, neighbors, and pals to buy and sell the things they are passionate (or were passionate) about. More than just making the sale, is about making connections with friends, acquaintances, new parents, old parents, musicians, church choirs, gearheads, photographers, gardeners, pastry chefs, construction workers, nail artists, warhammerists, quilters, you know,YOUR PEOPLE.

(Concentric re-commerce (that begins with (you)))

How it Works

Meet, engage, and grow your peer marketplace on

Seamlessly integrate other online communities and bring them into your circls.

Build your interest and social graphs to find communities for buying and selling.
Simple search tools to find and track what you’re looking for inside and outside your circls.

Easy posting.

Flexibility to make/accept offers, coordinate payment options, and arrange for shipping or pick-up.
Strengthen the community by reviewing transactions, giving feedback, inviting others, and sharing postings between communities.

Accentuate the positive.
Get to marketplace without leaving your site. offers a free forum integration plugin for seamless community re-commerce.

Stay engaged.